Saturday, August 10, 2013

Oakland Avenue Auto Service

As the saga of Oakland Ave. Auto Repair continues, the owners have an appeal coming up before the Zoning Board of Appeals.  However, Oakland Auto Auto Repair apparently no long functions as an entity, as the signs have come down and there is a "For Rent" sign on the building.


  1. Can't understand it, throw them out of their building and they stop functioning? A move is enough to kill most businesses, did you expect them to survive this? One more reason it is hard to do business in Carbondale.

  2. Not really. I really expected this to get settled much more quickly than it has. I have never found it all that hard to do business in Carbondale. The problem, solely in my opinion, that Oakland Avenue Auto Repair had is that they got a verbal OK from the city to go in to the location, despite the zoning. Then, when residents of the area started complaining and pointing out the business was violating zoning ordinances. the city had to take action to enforce its own laws.

    As a layperson, I am surprised that Fisher and Oakland Avenue have not sued the city for damages and loss of revenue from the city's actions.

  3. Here is a new idea for you, most cities don't give you permission, and then withdraw it. Makes it hard to do business, if they change their minds/rules about the fundamentals, after the fact. Like you, I assume a lawsuit would be won by the Fishers, but who knows?

    Think about what would happen to your business, if they made you stop doing business in the current location today. You would be screwed. I guess you don't have to eat out of the CP profits, so maybe you would survive it? Most small businesses aren't in the position to take that hit.

    I'm disappointed in your reply, I thought you knew better.

  4. Not certain why you are disappointed in my reply. If the city gives me permission and I act upon it in good faith, then get served a cease and desist order causing me to shut down, I would file a lawsuit against the city the next day demanding they either let me reopen or pay me damages.