Friday, August 23, 2013

Arena Liquor License

Received an email from a reader of the blog regarding the liquor license for the Arena and Stadium, since, according to this, the liquor license for the Arena, Stadium,  Charlotte West Stadium and Jones Stadium are all held by Chartwells, which no longer has a contract with the university.  This means no Chartwells, no liquor sales in any university stadium.

I emailed city manger Kevin Baity to find out the current status of the affected liquor sales.  Baity informed me that there is a request on the next city council agenda to amend the city code to allow city licensed caterers to sell liquor at the four locations  for which Chartwells previously had the license.  If the revision passes, anyone with a license to sell liquor at events elsewhere on campus (Shryock Auditorium, Leser Law Building, among others) could contract with the university to sell beer and alcohol at the stadiums.

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