Thursday, August 22, 2013

Liquor License Requests

Some interesting liquor license change requests coming up at the LCC meeting on August 27.  Italian village requests a change from a class A1 (beer and wine only), to a Class A2 (allows all liquors).

Curbside (Bistro 51?), located in the old Icebox Bar and Grill location, is requesting a class A2 license.  An A2 license has no cap in terms of numbers allowed but required the location to generate 51% of of its revenues from food sales.  A number of "restaurants" in the past have attempted to skirt the law by getting an A2 license then quickly not meet the 51% requirement.  A business with an A2 or an A1 license is subject to auditing and can be shut down if it is found to generate more that 51% of its sales in liquor.

Update:  The Bistro 51 logo, which covered the Icebox logo, is now covered itself by the Curbside logo.

Finally, and this one really surprised me, long-time downtown stalwart New Kahala Fast Foods is requesting an A1 license.  A Bud Light with your Cashew Chicken?

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