Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Abbey Ridge Brewery and Taproom

Abbey Ridge Brewery and Taproom opened recently on Cedar Lake Road, just east of Hwy 127.  Maybe if enough microbreweries open in the area, Carbondale Tourism could start promoting the Southern Illinois Beer Trail

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Memorial Hospital

Sat in on the presentation by Memorial Hospital at the Chamber of Commerce luncheon today. Some figures showing the hospital's importance to Carbondale:

2013 payroll $74 million
2014 payroll approximately $82 million

Estimated indirect impact of those payroll figures is approximately double.

$7 million  in charity care to those who cannot afford the hospital services and have no access to Medicare or Medicaid

$34 million in expenses absorbed for those who do have Medicare and Medicaid

144 treated  in the emergency room Labor Day 2014, a new record.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Koppers Report

Here's what Beazer, the company tasked with cleaning up the old Koppers site (where Brightfields hopes to locate its solar production array), has accomplished since the last report:

Items Performed/Completed Since Previous Report:
 On August 4, 2014, Beazer submitted a letter to USEPA addressing USEPA’s suggestion of
groundwater sampling for dioxins/furans as stated in the agency’s July 29, 2014 letter responding to
questions received from the Concerned Carbondale Citizens.

 On August 20, 2014, USEPA provided Beazer with preliminary comments on the July 28, 2014 Human Health Risk Assessment Work Plan.

 Beazer, USEPA and others participated in corrective action coordination conference calls on August 7 and 21, 2014.

 Beazer continued post-construction OMM activities (e.g., DNAPL thickness measurements/removal, CAMU leachate monitoring/removal, Site inspections, etc.).

 Beazer collected approximately 123 gallons of DNAPL from the barrier trench and approximately 38 gallons of DNAPL from recovery well RW-23 during this reporting period. The approximate total
DNAPL volumes collected through August 2014 are 18,444 gallons from the barrier trench and 7,476
gallons from RW-23.

Fat Bottom Betty's

Boondock's Seafood, east of town at the interaction of Hwy 13 Reed Station Road has reincarnated itself as Fat Bottom Betty's, serving  wood fired pizza as well as pasta and burgers.  Not certain how well this will do as, last time I counted, there were at least a dozen places in Carbondale to get pizza and I don't know of a large demand for pizza baked in wood fired ovens.

One thing in their favor is the lack of any other dedicated pizza restaurant on the east side of town. Casey's offers pizza and they are cited as one place to get a pie, especially when you are in a rush. After them, though, you have to drive to Pizza Hut. The questions at hand:  Is Fat Bottom Betty's good enough to draw diners to the outskirts of Carbondale? If so, can they stay in business long enough to get the word out?

Friday, September 12, 2014

Plannin Commission Meeting and Change to Code

Planning Commisison will meet October 1 to discuss a change in regulations regarding the sale of private vehicles on commercial property. Hopefully they will propose changing it so as to allow the sale of private vehicles on commercial property except by a dealership. I can put a "For Sale" sign on the car in my driveway, why not while it is parked on my commercial property?

The City of Carbondale Planning Commission will meet on Wednesday October 1, 2014 at 6:00p.m. in room 108 of the Civic Center  to discuss the following item:
PC 12-02, The Planning Commission is requesting to review a possible text amendment in regards to the sale of private vehicles  on commercial property, as it relates to Section of the Carbondale Revised Code.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

LAB Meeting

Liquor Advisory Board meets at 5:30 today. Not much on the agenda, as you can see.  Most notable thing is New Kahala Fast Foods request, after 20+ years, for a liquor license:

1. Roll Call
2. Approval of Minutes from August 7, 2014
3. Discussion of Proposed Liquor Code Classification for Public Arts Venue
4. Discussion on Approval Process for Class F1 and F2 (Temporary Liquor Licenses) for Established Organizations Holding Recurring Events
5. Discussion of Proposed Liquor Code Classification for Video Gaming Establishments
6. Consideration of a Class A1 Liquor License for Sen Fuy’s Inc. d/b/a New Kahala Fast Foods at 600 East Grand Avenue Suite 3
7. Liquor Advisory Board Comments
8. Citizens’ Comments

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Yard Regulations

Not able to make city council meeting tonight but on the agenda is a discussion of possible regulations regarding maintenance and selection of ground cover and alternative grasses.  No.  Just no.