Tuesday, August 6, 2013

City Council Meeting

7:40  Council meeting opens. Fritzler reminds everyone that students are coming back. Bradshaw reminds everyone that we dropped the bomb on Japan today. Adams  points out the PD will reinstitute a Neighborhood Watch program. Had a meeting with some members of the community regarding revitalizing The long dormant Neighborhood Watch program.  Lance Jack wants to bring business owners into any Watch program.  Lee Fronabarger mentions upcoming yard sale at the arena parking lot on August 24 and unveils the Carbondale t-shirt, proceeds from which will go to the Aquatics Center. City Manager Baity announces SIUc will test storm sirens this Saturday to see where the best placement for the new system will be.  The city will do something similar on August 20.  Also new recycling containers will be placed downtown and meters are bagged the 12th through the 23rd.

7:50 during citizen comments, a rep from the NAACP steaks against the "quotas" proposed by the police department that has gotten a lot of discussion recently. Kathy Renfro then speaks thanking the city for its helped in moving forward with the Aquatic Center.  M. Stalls asks how notice of the Neighborhood Watch meeting was broadcast. She is also concerned about police performance "quotas" and wonders about how officers are rewarded for going beyond in the performance of their  duty.  Audrey Wagner asks that the city look into , during the upcoming resurfacing of Hwy 13, putting in a bicycle lane.

8:10 Consent agenda opened.  Item 5.5 gets pulled from the agenda for individual consecration. Remaining consent agenda items approved. 5.5 is an application for the IDOT TransportationEnhancement  Program for funding for phase 2 of the downtown pedestrian bike path. Fronabarger wants to add a pedestrian bike bridge allowing the proposed path to cross over Mill Street.  Baity fears that adding a bridge to the proposal would make ti too costly and cause denial of the request.

8:25   Adams wants to incorporate the bridge into the current plan as well. Grand application is under a tight deadline so may not be able to rewrite it. Seems the consensus is to approve the application but they want to keep talking about it.  Baity says bridge is under consideration for a future phase of the bike path development and, if the city is successful in achieving the funding, come back to the state and ask for funding to add in a bridge.

8:35 it appears the bridge is part of phase three of the bike path project. Approved unaimously.

8:39 request to put a TitleMax in the old Wendy's location.  Lance Jack moves to deny asking what the rationale for the original denial of the request, aside from a desire not to position Carbondale as the "loan shark capital of southern Ilinois."   Concerned about the eleven similar businesses in Carbondale . Monty argues there is probably a better use for the  property, but there appears no land use reason for denying the request.

8:47. Request does not appear to violate any of the six criteria for denying a special use permit.

8:54 / still discussing the special use permit. Have to leave so will catch up on the tv.

9:02  Council votes down the special use permit for TitleMax.

9:12  Adams strong disassociates herself from comments Fritzler has made  about negotiations with the city police department.

9:14  More discussion about the proposed Neighborhood Watch.

9;16  Council moves to closed meeting.

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