Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Liquor Control Commission Meeting

7:00 pm  approval of a liquor license for the Southern Illinois Irish Festival. Approved unanimously .

7:04 request to transfer the Pinch Penny Liquors license to its new location across the street.  Don Monty has some questions about parking and points out the building was originally designed to expand to the west. Council wants to make sure green space will be retained on the property. Approved  unanimously.

7:12 Larry's House of Cakes requesting a liquor license  them to serve liquor in an after dinner atmosphere.  Liquor sales are projected to run about 30% of sales.  Some concerns expressed about the possibility of a video gaming machine getting placed in the business and how it would affect the atmosphere.  Approved unanimously.

7:25 3rd quarter report from the police department received. Jane Adams has some questions about the tickets for sale of liquor to a minor by Cali's. Adams requests that bars with serious violations be contacted, asking them to attend so they can respond to questions about the violations.  With that, the report is approved.

7:33  Meeting adjourned.

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