Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Food Services in Student Center

While I am glad to see that the Student Center has replaced the eateries it lost when Chartwells failed to resign its contract for food service, I see this as taking the center back to square 1.5 in terms of dining options.

The reason the Student Center brouhgt in all of the franchised and nationally know brands for dining in the Student Center was thea students demonstrated with their dollars they did not want to eat the food offered by the Student Center.  When dining options were first expanded in the center, all of it was run byt the Center under various local names.  Sales, as I recall were pretty poor, poor enought that the University solicited McDonald's to move from its location on the Strip, where Kaya's is located now, to its currently Student Center location.  Gradually more franchised restaurants filled in around McDonalds, until  this past spring when negotiations apparently failed.  Now, students will get to pick between restaurants operated directly by the Student Center and those operated under franchise, and of course, McDonald's and Starbucks.  Based on the track record, I expect the franchised and brand name operations to easily outperform the university run ones.

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