Monday, August 12, 2013

SIUC Housing Master Plan

Given the mild controversy surrounding the housing situation at SIUC, I thought a look at the housing master plan for the university would prove interesting.  If the the university follows the plan as proposed, the layout of university housing would change significantly.  According to the plan, all of the construction would be finished by Fall 2023.  Here are the main points of the plan that I see.

1.  Thompson Point remains pretty much as it stands now, with buildings renovated on an as needed basis but not replaced.

2.  Housing dedicated to graduate students, with 150 beds, built near the SIUC Law School

3.  Alumni  and retirement housing replacing the now closed Southern Hills buildings.

4. To encourage Greek organizations to move back to campus,  small group AKA Greek housing built on Stehr Field, just northwest of the Wham Educational Building.

5.  Demolition of Neely Hall and Brush Towers, replaced by a number of lower rise residential units circling a central green space.

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