Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Oakland Ave. Auto Repair

Oakland Avenue Auto Repair remains closed over a week after the city presented the owner of the property and the leesee with a cease and desist order for operating in a residential area without a special use permit.  I had thought the owner would have sought relief from the court allowing it to remain open while the facility remains in dispute but I guess not.

I hate seeing a thriving business shut down, and Oakland Avenue always appeared full, but I can also understand the local residents not wanting a garage opening up next door, especially when they had purchased the property with the understanding that only single family residences would be allowed in the area.  Of course, there is a fairly good sized apartment complex located right across the street from Oakland Avenue Auto Service and the National Guard Armory complex, recently acquired by Alpha Rentals, sits catty-cornered to it, while the old High School buildings remain just south, with the Armory and school buildings both part of one of the recently created TIF districts, indicating the city plans to encourage development in the area.

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