Monday, April 15, 2013

Student Center Restaurants

Was chatting with an employee at the SIUC Student Center over the weekend and learned that the contracts for all of the restaurants in the facility, save for McDonalds and Stabucks, are up for renewal this year.  He indicated that several of those currently in the center might not renew their contract.

What I really found interesting was that he said the university planned to actively look for local restaurants and businesses to move into any vacated locations.  Back in the 90s, McDonalds moved into the Student Center from its location on S. Illinois, opening the gates for national fast food franchises to set up locations in the Center and giving students one less reason to visit downtown Carbondale, as the downtown McDonalds location (where Kaya sits now) pulled a lot of students off campus for breakfast and lunch.

No coffee shops or hamburger places, as McDonalds and Starbucks both have non-compete clauses in their contracts, but here's hoping we get to see a couple of local restaurants set up inside the SC.

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