Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lt. Gov. Post

Eliminating the post of lieutenant governor seems penny wise and pound foolish to me.  By eliminating it, the state would save an estimated $2 million per year.  However, since the governor and lt. governor run on the same ticket, maintaining the office as it is ensures that, should the governor stop down or be removed from office (cough, cough Blagoyevich), the person who replaces them would be of the same political ideology.  Since the office of attorney general is an elective one, there is no guarantee that the holder of that office would have the same leanings as the governor.  The people of the state elected a representative of one political party to the office and shifting to someone of a different political persuasion would appear to go against their votes.  From what I remember, about half of the time that a Republican held the office of Governor in recent years, a Democrat held the office of Attorney General, meaning a definite switch in political ideology without the vote of the people.

Any thoughts?

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