Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Business

Locally Important Produce Store has a "Coming Soon" sign in the window in the space on West Walnut between Phoenix Cycles and Illusions Hair Stylists.  Not a great location for a store like this as the parking is half a block south of the location and inaccessible unless you turn half a block before reaching the store.  Drivers who see the store and decide to stop on impulse will have to make a 360 degree loop to get back to it. 

A much better location for such a store, which I assume will focus on locally produced fruits and vegetables, should have been the old Book World location on South Illinois where it could have taken advantage of both better parking and the foot traffic generated by Harbaugh's Cafe, which draws exactly the clientèle interested in purchasing locally sourced food. 


  1. I bet the Book World location has a rent that is 4 times where they choose. Sounds penny wise and pound foolish to me, because the just can't make it there.

  2. Not sure what the rent at the W. Walnut location is. They can make it if either, they have suffient cash reserves to tide them over until they build a clientile, which could take awhile, or another source of income to support them until the business gets going, which could take awhile.