Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Jessica Bradshaw Statement

Asked Jessica Bradshaw (and a couple of other council candidates) what she would bring to the city council that other candidates would not.  Here is her response:

I would bring to the council a wide background in Carbondale. I have experienced Carbondale as a kid/teenager, a business owner, and now a working adult. I think that these experiences give me a unique perspective on life in Carbondale. As a graduate of both the old Lincoln and the old CCHS, I know that life in Carbondale is changing. Our students now mostly must use a car or bus to get to school.
When I purchased Rosetta Stone Bookstore in 2006, I realized how much our community was struggling. I joined the Chamber of Commerce, Carbondale Main Street, and tried to help as much as I could while running a business. (Actually, when I moved the bookstore to the Town Square, I got involved with the Historic Downtown Business Association. When artist Eileen Bowman came to talk to us about having an Art Fair, I suggested making it an Art & Wine Fair, and feature our local wineries as well as our local artists. I had been to similar festivals in California. While I closed up shop shortly after that meeting, I am happy to see it is still going strong!)
I currently work at SIU as an Office Manager for two offices that help disadvantaged youth succeed in college. I am also involved in several community organizations: WDBX, Nonviolent Carbondale, the Association of Civil Service Employees (IEA/NEA), and the Northwest Carbondale Neighborhood Association. I am currently the Chair of the Carbondale Human Relations Commission, which has opened my eyes even more to some of the struggles that residents in this city deal with. The Commission was set up ten years ago to improve race relations and address conflicts between peace officers and community residents. While we still have our work cut out for us, the Commission is continuing to forge the bonds to strengthen our community. I want to further this work as a City Councilmember, and get everyone involved in really making Carbondale a vibrant, sustainable, livable, wonderful place to call home.

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