Tuesday, April 2, 2013

City Council Meeting Liveblogging

7:20 p.m.  Joining the city council meeting in process.  Currently under discussion is amending the city code to allow the following types of buildings within the city:

Type 4 – Exterior walls are non-combustible, interior building elements are heavy timber construction.
Type 5 – All structural and interior building elements are of any materials permitted by code.

Currently, these two types of construction are not permitted by the Carbondale Fire Code

7:30  Passed unanimously

7:35 Discussion of a final Planned Unit Development at Liberty Village.  Citizens are expressing concern  about the potential of increased traffic in the area and asking for another road exiting the area to Rt. 13.  Council passed the proposal for the PUD (does anyone ever consider this acronyms) unanimously.

7:40 Council just passed a proposal approving the proposed development at Liberty Village, unanimously.

7:45  Council getting ready to review the budget and Community Investment Plan and just took a brief break to allow those with no interest in the topic to exit the chamber.

7:47 Councilman Don Monty is questioning why a recommendation from the Sustainability Commission was not included in the budget or brought to council's attention until the public hearing.  Councilwoman Jane Adams is asking for a more welcoming sign for bicyclists to be put up at the entries to the city.

8 p.m.  Council is discussing installing or moving parking meters from other locations to the Town Square lot on the north side of Hwy 13.

8:10  Councilman Chris Wissmann is not happy with the quality of consultant reports the city has received in the past, save the electric aggregation one.  Also thinks the city should look at the types of businesses it works to attract.  If we keep getting in clothing stores, and they keep closing, the city should look at encouraging other types of businesses.  He appears to be looking for a business analysis of the city.

8:15 Adams now discussing the perception of Carbondale as business unfriendly and her experience in the difficulty of obtaining permits from city hall.

8:25  Mayor Joel Fritzler finished complimenting city staff on the budget briefing books prepared for each budget now, saying they save several hours in meeting time.

8:27 Monty asking about shift of funding from Spirit of Attucks to organization funding and providing additional funding to Carbondale Main Street.

8:30 Citizen Comments now.  Meghan Cole, Executive Director of Carbondale Main Street, now addressing council, pointing out the organization received $30,000 from the city for landscaping services in the early '90s and receives significantly less today while providing more services.

8:35  Sandy Litecky of the Arbor District now asking about Neighborhood Assistance Teams.  Feed got rather choppy at that point so not clear as to what she asked.  Monty now explaining the idea behind the Neighborhood Assistance Teams.

8:36 And here's a question about the Saluki Way sales tax and if it is included in the budget. Also asking about funding for programs at the Eurma Haynes Center and more fonding for police officers.  City Manger Kevin Baity responded that the only Haynes Center program funded is the I Can Read program and that 4 police officers were just sworn in for a total of 68.  Now asking for a full time affirmative action officer which the mayor says had been added to the duties of the city manager's office.

8:38.  Nancy Stemper of Carbondale Community Arts announcing the purchase by CCA of the United Church of Christ, Scientist on W. Walnut as a home for the organization.

8:45  Monty now pointing out that, while there are huge numbers of programs the city would like to fund but it only has a limited amount of funding available.

8:50 Council just voted to rezone properties from underutilized zoning formats to formats that are more used, I guess?  I'm sure it makes sense but miss most of the explanation from the city manager.

8:51  Council just recessed.

9:00  And they are back, discussing revisions to the Carbondale Revised Code regarding neighborhood Business Districts, which have attracted quite a bit of attention over the past couple of weeks.

9:15  Monty is now talking about limits in the code on the number of allowed dwelling units, not even getting to the Neighborhood Business Districts yet, meaning this will be a long night.  Since I have to get up early, I shall bid you all goodnight.  Comments or an update on what happens next are welcome.


  1. I was watching the city council meeting from home, then I wrote a post, and I just had the chance to check your blog. Coincidentally, I picked up exactly where you left off. Convenient!

    Here is the link: http://carbondaleobserver.wordpress.com/2013/04/03/council-approves-neighborhood-business-district-and-new-zoning-code/