Friday, April 5, 2013

Fritzler Email

Mayor Fritzler sent out the following email from his address.  Also posted a similar message on his Facebook page:

In less than a week the makeup of the Carbondale City Council will be known for the next two years.  Unless you have taken advantage of early voting, I urge you to exercise your responsibility to vote next Tuesday, April 9.

It is important to elect candidates that are able to consider the ideas of others yet not be easily swayed to abandon their convictions.  A member of the city council needs to be able to: 1) work as a member of a seven member team, 2) agree to disagree, 3) accept that at times they will be part of the minority vote and be able to move on to the next issue, 4) do their homework and ask questions rather than making assumptions, and 5) put their own personal feelings toward other individuals aside for the good of the community.

I know that Carolin Harvey, Jerrold Hennrich, Jessica Bradshaw, and Blaine Tisdale have what it takes to “work well with others” to accomplish the work that you expect from your city council.  Yes, I know that there are only three council seats available and that I just listed four names but, I didn’t want to make it too easy for you.  All of the candidates that are running have various skills but, Carolin, Jerrold, Jessica, and Blaine have the necessary skills to work together with other council members, the city manager, and Carbondale residents. Please do your homework, pick three of these four candidates, and vote next Tuesday.



  1. Didn't he put in someone else 2 years ago? Interesting how long that relationship lasted.

  2. Yep, definitely a parting of the ways there.