Thursday, April 30, 2015

IDOT Presentation

 Want to give IDOT some comments about the state of the roads in southern Illinois? You can this coming Tuesday. I am tempted to stop by just to ask them to put in a left turn lane where Highway 127 joins up with Old Highway 13. The line of cars waiting turn there can back up 10-13 cars if the traffic is heavy on Old 13.

The Illinois Department of Transportation, in conjunction with the Illinois Capital Development Board, will be holding a listening sessions at 1 p.m., Tuesday, May 5 at the Carbondale Civic Center to discuss the state’s infrastructure needs and the steps required to make sure the right investments are being made to keep Illinois competitive in a 21st century global economy. The Carbondale Chamber of Commerce is hosting and coordinating the meeting, one in a series around the state. IDOT’s goal is to present Governor Rauner’s office with a comprehensive package of recommendations for consideration this spring.

“With a world-class system of roads, transit systems, airports and railroads, Illinois is rich in transportation infrastructure, but we are at a crossroads. This asset makes us stand out, but it is beginning to deteriorate and in need of reinvestment,” said Acting Illinois Transportation Secretary Randy Blankenhorn. “These meetings with the Capital Development Board are a listening tour to help us rebuild and craft a plan going forward that allows Illinois to continue to serve as the transportation hub of North America and build top-notch state facilities so we can grow our economy and improve our quality of life”


  1. How about a roundabout at Old 13/127?

  2. I don't thing a roundabout would be necessary. I often see traffic backed up south on Hwy 127 when someone is trying to turn left onto Old 13 through heavy traffic from Carbondale. I don't see similar blockage the other three directions, though it might certainly exist and I just pass by there at the wrong times.