Friday, May 1, 2015

Evolve Evolving Quickly

 It appears the new apartment complex in downtown Carbondale will finish more quickly than anticipated it. All of the one bedroom apartments have rented, leaving the building about 45% empty and competing with the other complexes and rentals in town. I would imagine 80 to 100% rented by the time school starts as Evolve is the "new hotness" and students will want to move into the newest place in town.

I still see parking as a problem, though the complex owners do not agree. Parking in that area has always been a problem, which the meters were put in to help deal with. Of course, people just bought 8 hours worth of parking for $2 and left their cars in the 710 lot all day anyhow. Now, over half the 710 lot is gone and 540 new bodies, all with cars I would bet, are moving into downtown. Yes, there will be parking provided over on S. Washington but that is still out of sight and inconvenient for residents of the complex.

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