Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Rental Signage

Have noticed quite a few "For Rent" signs in the area between S. University and S. Poplar, and I would venture to guess well over half of them are for Home Rentals properties. Normally, that is not unusual given this time of year but I wonder how many will remain after summer ends and the fall semester starts.

The Carbonale Flats/Evolve project should open by then and last I hear, was over 50% rented, taking potential renters out of the pool for those properties. I also have not heard anything about a high expected influx of new students for the fall, though it could happen, which means that the local landlords are competing for the same slightly smaller pool of potential renters.  My guess is we see more students migrating to the Carbondale Flats project since it has "New" written all over it, while most of the properties in the Poplar/ University area have not had much improvements made on them in years.

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