Thursday, April 2, 2015

Chamber on Election

The Chamber of Commerce sent out a letter to all members, encouraging them to learn more about the candidates and to vote next Tuesday, but not supporting any candidates.  Very well written letter:

We do not usually reach out to our members with a formal letter, but we feel the importance of the subject requires a unique approach.

Next Tuesday the residents of Carbondale -- many of us, our neighbors, friends and our employees -- have the opportunity to cast ballots in a variety of municipal elections, most importantly the election of three members of the Carbondale City Council and the office of Mayor.

As a member of the Carbondale Chamber of Commerce, we believe you will agree with us that this is a very pivotal election. Carbondale is at a sort of crossroads: with the University making strides in student recruitment and retention, new developments in downtown and community organizations cooperating more than ever before, it is an exciting time for our community. However, the state's on-going fiscal crisis likely will impact communities all across Illinois, including Carbondale. We believe we need strong leadership for the days ahead.

The Chamber has tried to make you aware of the candidates for council and mayor as well as their positions on many issues, especially those that impact the business sector. We've held a candidate forum, interviewed each candidate on our weekly radio show and have posted candidate questionnaires on our website.

Now it is your turn. Even if you personally do not live within the city limits and cannot cast a ballot, you can have an impact on Tuesday's outcome. We're asking that you Take 5, Take 10, Take 15 and Give 20.

Take 5: Please take five minutes to consider what you desire in those who seek civic leadership positions. Consider the background and character of those you would want to lead us. Think about how these candidates, if elected, will impact your business and the community as a whole.

Take 10: Take 10 minutes to review the questionnaires on our website,, learn more about each of the candidates for mayor and city council and see how their platforms and positions line up with your ideals.

Take 15: Please take 15 minutes to speak to each of your employees who live in Carbondale about the importance of this election, how city government impacts all of our businesses and share with them your insight about the candidates. Your employees look to you for leadership and guidance. You owe it to them and to your business to share how this election may impact all of us.

Give 20: Consider giving each of your employees 20 minutes to go to their respective polling places and cast their votes on April 7. You may even want to provide transportation or a longer lunch break for this purpose. Then thank them for voting.

Thank you for your concern for Carbondale and your membership in the Carbondale Chamber.

Incidentally, I did receive a letter from Mike Henry today. Apparently he is reaching out to all members of the Chamber of Commerce.

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