Monday, April 27, 2015


For those following the Kopper's site cleanup, here is the latest update on how it is progressing:

Items Performed/Completed Since Previous Report:
 On March 5, 2015, USEPA provided written comments on the Human Health Risk Assessment (HHRA)
that was submitted by Beazer on November 26, 2014.
 On March 24, 2015, the Carbondale City Council approved a Special Use Permit for a commercial solar
energy facility at the Site.
 Beazer, USEPA and others participated in corrective action coordination conference calls on March 12
and 26, 2015.
 USEPA and ARCADIS participated on a conference call on March 19 to discuss USEPA comments
related to developing a revised groundwater monitoring program for the Site.
 Beazer continued post-construction OMM activities (e.g., DNAPL thickness measurements/removal,
CAMU leachate monitoring/removal, Site inspections, etc.).
 Beazer collected approximately 87 gallons of DNAPL from the barrier trench and approximately 46
gallons of DNAPL from recovery well RW-23 during this reporting period. The approximate total
DNAPL volumes collected through March 2015 are 19,190 gallons from the barrier trench and 7,673
gallons from RW-23.
Items Anticipated to be Performed/Completed over the Next One to Two Months:
 Beazer, USEPA and others will work on action items from the February 18, 2015 meeting, as
documented in a February 23, 2015 letter from Beazer and as discussed during the March 12, 2015
conference call.
 Beazer will submit a revised HHRA to USEPA.
 USEPA will provide comments on the October 2008 Draft Groundwater Monitoring Plan.
 Beazer and USEPA will participate in a conference call to discuss an ecological risk management
approach for the Site.
 Beazer will propose a draft scope of a monitored natural recovery (MNR) program for residual impacted
sediment areas.
 Beazer, USEPA and others will continue to participate in corrective action coordination conference calls.
Items Anticipated to be Performed/Completed over the Next Two to Six Months:
 Beazer will continue to advance proposed future Site uses, including conservation land use and
commercial solar energy.
 USEPA will conduct a public meeting in Carbondale.
Items that May Cause Delay in Implementing Future Activities and Efforts (if any) to Limit Such
 None.

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