Monday, May 3, 2010

Zombie Walk

Luckily the rain held off, allowing the first Carbondale Zombie Walk to shamble off without any major hitches. The article says about 150 particpants but I've been told upwards of 200 people showed up, overwhelming the 3 makeup artists there. I'd heard S. Illinois would close for the walk, but apparently that didn't happen and the relatively well-behaved zombies stuck to sidewalks instead.

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  1. Yes, it was rather overwhelming for the makeup artists...I was one of them and I wasn't really even supposed to be. What happened was only half my makeup artists came, and both of them were late (but they ended up being lifesavers...I couldn't have done it myself). Myself and my partner, Meghan Cole at Carbondale Main Street did not know what to expect in regards to how many people would line up for makeup. So, makeup time rolled around, none of my makeup artists were there, so naturally I started applying makeup to people myself. I did that for a good 3 hours, I believe, while I was supposed to be helping lead the walk. I would like to thank the random zombies that jumped in to help with makeup - you all were AWESOME!
    Now we know what to expect for the Halloween zombie walk (October 30th, 2010, 4pm - more info on our facebook page!). I have a team of 11 makeup artists ready to assemble. :)