Friday, May 14, 2010

City Council Meeting

Ah, I see why no discussion of modification of the liquor code at the Liquor Control Commission. It's actually made its way to the agenda for the city council later that evening. Yes, it's a fun fill three hours of city business and politics, topped off with one of the mayor's homilies at the close:

Roll Call
2. General Announcements and Proclamations
3. Citizens’ Comments and Questions
4. Public Hearings and Special Reports
5. Consent Agenda
1. Approval of Minutes of the Regular City Council Meeting Held on May 4, 2010
2. Approval of Warrant for Period Ending: 04/19/10 FY 2010 Warrant # 1092
3. Acceptance of Minutes of Boards, Commissions and Committees
4. Award of Purchase of a Color Sewer Television Inspection Vehicle
5. Ordinance Amending Title Eighteen (18) Chapter Fifteen (15) of the Carbondale
Revised Code as it Relates to Use of Seat Belts and Child Safety Seats
6. Ordinance Authorizing the Execution of an Easement to S.I. Wireless, LLC
7. Ordinance Authorizing a Budget Adjustment Adding V.A.W.A. Grant Funds for the
Police Department
8. Purchase of Water Meters From Sensus Metering Systems

6. General Business
1. Resolution Adopting the Report and Recommendation of the City Manager in Hearing
No. TX-2010-01
2. Discussion on Proposed Revisions to the Liquor Code
7. Council Comments
8. Closed Meeting
1. Closed Meeting to Discuss Personnel and the Sale, Purchase or Lease of Real Property

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