Wednesday, May 5, 2010

City Council Meeting

Got to the city council meeting after the various awards to students and youth had gone out and just as the Historical Preservation Award was made. Went to a house at 808 West Walnut, I believe.

The rest of the meeting was pretty uneventful. The Sunset Concerts in Turley Park got Fair Days designations, with only Corine McDaniel voting against them, as ususal (she doesn't like alcohol on city property but none of the other council members cares). Oh, and the water and sewer rate structure got amended.

There was one interesting exchange between Joel Fritzler(of course) and Mayor Cole. Fritzler inquired if, since SIUC is now within the city limits, the university needed to apply for Fair Days designations for its Sunset Concerts and other events with alcohol. The mayor responded "No" and, when Fritzler followed up with "Well, why not?", the mayor responded that the city lawyer had said it wasn't necessary.Not certain why. If a governmental body like the Park District has to apply for the designation, why not the university?

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