Monday, May 11, 2009

Tree Collection

From the Carbondale PD website

The City will begin collecting tree debris including branches and limbs beginning today, Monday, May 11.

Tree debris should be placed between the sidewalk and the street. However, do not block streets, sidewalks, gutters, storm sewer inlets or water meter pits. If you cannot place debris curbside without blocking these areas , keep debris on private property just behind the sidewalk.

Limbs should be cut to a manageable size. Landscape waste stickers are not necessary at this time.

Construction debris and other refuse will not be accepted by City crews.

Private contractors will be utilized by the City, in addition to City employees. The State of Illinois will be providing assistance through the Illinois Department of Transportation and the Illinois Department of Corrections. This will be the first phase of collection throughout the City.

For general information, contact the City of Carbondale non-emergency line at (618) 549-5021. Information is also available through the City’s radio station at 1620AM.

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