Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Notes from Pickle's Alley

SIUC provided beds and meals during the storm.
Yeah, we've sure got wind in Illinois.
Sure didn't take long for the stupid to stand creeping out again.
The Varsity is tripping down Memory Lane.
Lots of Memorial Day activities yesterday.
We got a grant for the Attucks School.
Brief reference to C'dale as the location of the first official.Decoration Day
Twenty three years between books is quite a break.


  1. For a state with wind, I'm not seeing that wind power. A decade ago, in another state, I could get wind power by just filling out a form from my electric company and paying a little extra. I haven't seen that kind of offer from Ameren.

  2. Great news about the Attuck's school (from the guy who owns the building next door!)