Thursday, May 7, 2009

Budget Cuts

I'm starting to see the effect of Carbondale's budget cuts already. Some of the citizens of our fair city decided it was too much trouble to toss their bottles into one of the numerous dumpsters in the area, instead throwing them to the ground in the alley that runs alongside the store. These being glass bottles, they followed the laws of physics and broke. Now there's glass all along the alley that runs past my store down to city hall.

I swept up the glass in my section of the alley but didn't have time to get to the rest of it so did what I've done in the past when there's been glass in the alley, sent an email to maintenance and public works at City Hall asking them to run a street sweeper down it. The alley isn't on the sweeper's regular schedule but, since glass appears there every month or so, the city has always been good about running it thought when I've called.

Not this time though. Apparently due to budget cuts, the sweeper has been mothballed until further notice. I remember from reading the budget that the sweeper was going to be reserved for "special occasions", which is apparently now interpreted at "no occasions".

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