Thursday, May 14, 2009

Salvager Kain

C'dale resident Paul Sloboda has hit the middle time with the movement into wider distribution of his comic Salvager Kain. Here's the press release I just received:

Paul Sloboda has been creating minicomics for years. Although he started off with comics that looked good and read well, it's taken him years to move to the US (now he's in the Chicago area) from Canada, and years to finally warm to the idea of using my service. So it's with great pleasure and a bit of trepidation that I announce the arrival of FGP as a new client.
You may ask: why the trepdiation? Well, because Paul has actually (unlike a lot of other clients) done some legwork. Many of you most likely already HAVE at least issues 1 through 3 of Salvager Kain. Paul has chosen to keep some house accounts but most of you who order minicomics from me will be my accounts. Ask me if you have a question and/or just put in your order and Paul and I will figure it out later.
So what is Salvager Kain? It's sometimes loony, sometimes violent, sometimes clever, and entertaining... but it's also a puzzle.
There are two locations. The CITY, which is surrounded by huge walls, and OUTSIDE. When we meet Kain, he's been cast out of the city with a tattoo on his head, and the doors slam shut. Oh, and his memory is wiped. He has no idea who he is, or what he did to be exiled. But odd things happen to him almost immediately, for instance the name he chooses, KAIN, is from the shape of some sticks.
Life outside the city is tough. There are friends, enemies, monsters, folks that act like friends who aren't, and all sorts of natural predators that all have their sites set on the new meat. At first, he's naive, and finds himself alive, but taken advantage of by some. But he learns fast. He has natural cunning. And he also finds out that the tattoo on his head could be some sort of signal. It's kept hidden. But he has one thing the other outcasts he meets don't have: a burning desire to get back into the city!
By issue 4, he's found a map...but will the talking bees let him live long enough to use it?
This series is the longest work Paul has attempted. So far, it's tightly plotted with humor, and strikes me as the sort of "dungeon" adventure that would appeal to gaming fans, although it is not yet sword and sorcery, since Salvager Kain is mostly surviving by his wits alone, not physical strength.
Issues 1-3 are 24 pages, while issue 4 is 28. Each is $3. 5.5" x 8.5". You can see more at or

Blatant plug here but issues 1 through 3 are available at the store.

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