Saturday, April 11, 2009

Notes from Pickle's Alley

A Carbondale resident was shot by police and sheriff's officers on I-74 after he charged them with a hunting knife and machete.
Love opens spaces on the Park Board.
Police arrest nets about a kilo of cocaine. The Southern's estimate of the street value is a bit low.
I guess these are different inspectors than the ones inspecting rental properties.
It's not all bad at SIUC. Eight instructors got recognized by their peers for superior teaching.
No Vilsack at Ag Industry Day.


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  2. Customs and Border Protection puts the street value of one kilo of cocaine only around $19800, e.g. 5 pounds = 2.27 kg = $45,000. This Florida news station puts 5 kg at $150,000, or $30,000 / kg. In the Cincinnati news, one kg comes in around $34,000. If anything, it looks like The Southern's numbers are too high, or cocaine is really, really expensive around here.

  3. Guess I'll go with the Custom's figure, as it's probably the most accurate. My source had it at a street value of around $200K.