Saturday, April 11, 2009

More Messes at SIUC

SIUC just can't catch a break, can it? From the comments, it sounds as if part of the search committee wants a particular candidate and when it didn't look like things were going their bay, they decided to through a spanner into the works. Of course, that is based upon one anonymous poster relying upon "trusted" sources:

To explain the “mess” that plagued the search committee, let me tell you some of the facts that I heard from trusted sources. The mess started when a group of members of the search committee that Dr. Hughes ( the president of the FA) has a close relation with wanted to hire their man as the permanent dean of engineering regardless of his inferior qualifications comparing with that of very highly qualified candidates. The group faced a problem; the majority of the search committee did not select that candidate as finalist. What to do? Instead of yielding to the majority, the group used their favorite tactic that they have used effectively in the past, disruption, intimidation and blackmail. They initiate a vicious attack against the co-Chairs of the committee accusing them of “dysfunction”. In fact this dysfunction is that the committee did not function as the group wished. The group now hopes that delaying the selection process will force those highly qualified candidates to withdraw their application.

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