Sunday, April 19, 2009

Blogging the Budget

The city highlights a number of city goals achieved or in the process thereof on page iv of the budget including:

--Building and Neighborhood Services will implement new computer software and stepped up rental property inspections (once that last position gets filled).
--design work continues on the new police and fire facilities
--repair work moves forward on East Main, West Main and downtown.
--continued improvements on the new city website.
--continued work on an updated Comprehensive Plan
--Police department will continue a number of projects including D. A. R. E., G. R. E. A. T. Citizens Police Academy and domestic violence prevention
--continue the Community Service Office Program
--Fire department will continue fire hydrant testing, smoke detector replacement, and training in NIMS, among other programs.
--though reduced, the housing rehabilitation program will continue
--Building and Neighborhood Services will mount an aggressive approach to removal of condemned structures (despite not having a head)
--a number of local agencies and organizations will continue to receive funding.


  1. Why is continuing to fund D.A.R.E. an accomplishment to highlight?

  2. For those who think D.A.R.E. has improved since the 2003 GAO report, please see this and this.

  3. Yeah, I've heard the program isn't very effective but the city considers having it an accomplishment. I think every city has to have it.