Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Election Night

Was at the Jackson County Courthouse, along with about 50 other people, last night for the last hour until the elections were called. Chris Wissmann, Kevin Clark and Corene McDaniel were all there and I was told the other four candidates had stopped by earlier in the evening but decided not to hang around. Wissmann kept up on results on his laptop, while Clark kept a cell phone pressed to his ear much of the time. McDaniel, with a small group of supporters, spent the time seated in front of the large screeen on which updated results were projected.

When the final results were announced all three candidates congradulated each other (Clark was quite gracious to both Wissmann and McDaniel, a class act) and Brandy Oxford from the DE moved in to interview the two re-elected councilmembers, while Brandon Chapple shot photos.

As an aside, congradulations to Mary Glisson Extrand on getting elected to the Giant City School Board in her first run for public office.

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