Monday, January 5, 2015

New Farmer's Market In Carbondale

It looks as if another farmer's market will open in Carbondale this year. From the RPFM Carbondale Facebook page:

The deal is made and the location is secured. Most folks guessed correct on the final location.. The South side of the building and parking lot of where The Auto Shop is on 317 East Main Street This will be a year round market and will run rain or shine since if its raining we can open the big door and everyone can set up inside the 30' x 60' portion of the building. A sign will be going up on the board where the other businesses in the building signs are sometime befor April. As I said in an earlier post this will also be the home office of the Regional Producer Farmers Market. Open Market Days will be Thursdays from 3pm-7pm and Saturdays From 2PM - 6pm. The Seasonal Vendors will also be able to set up and sell on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Seasonal Vendors are guaranteed one of the 14 indoor stalls/displays and will be a farmers market Wednesday through Saturday. The advertising will begin in March as will Vendor sign up. Folks this is a great location with easy in and out access for market visitors, a very near downtown C'dale location, room for 14 outdoor vendors and 14 indoor Vendors (Possibly a few more), open 4 days per week and will function sort of like a co-op except the people producing the food will be the one there selling the food. We will have a limited number of tables and tents available for those who don't have them and I am going to be building market stalls on wheels/casters that can be rolled in and out of the building, for those that wish to use them. Now its getting real 

Carbondale Main Street sponsored a Wednesday afternoon farmer's market on the town square for a couple of years but could not get sufficient vendors to attain critical mass so as to make it self sustaining. Here's hoping the Regional Producers Farmers Market does so.

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