Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wednesday Night Debate

Finally getting a decent signal from WSIU for the debate. Talking about fracking now:

Paula Bradshaw is absolutely against it. Bost and Enyart support the regulations on fracking that Illinois has put into place. Bost just said that fracking is a very safe process.

Next question:  Illinois still behind on job growth. What can the federal government do to stimulate job growth?

Enyart says the economy is doing better than it feels like. The federal government could spend more on infrastructure development, especially trains, and training.

Bost is telling a story about making everything fairer in an Olympic race by putting more weight on the better racer. This leads into a call for fewer regulations, which would improve the economy.

Bradshaw argues that we had higher taxes and a devastated world decades ago, following by a discussion of the benefits of regulations, winding up with a Green New Deal.

Next question is about the ads featuring Bost in the state legislature.

Bost argues that it shows he is willing to stand up for the people of southern Illinois and that he got support nationwide for his actions.

Bradshaw calls it a temper tantrum and says we shouldn't send someone who thinks that is appropriate behaviour to Congress.

Enyart calls previous representatives such as Jerry Costello and Paul Simon "Giants" and says he hopes to emulate them. Wants to work together with other members of the House to get the job done.

Wrapping up, Bradshaw wants to push more green energy and her Green New Deal and obey the law regarding declaring war.

Enyert, asked to comment on his opponents, says that no-one eclipses Bradshaw in her devotion to green and renewable energy. Compliments Bost on his courtesy when Enyert came back to testify in favor of a bill Bost supported.

Bost compliments Bradshaw on her running an uphill campaign and Enyert for coming back and testifying on the same bill.

Next question, who would each like to see run for president in 2016?

Enyert says Paula Bradshaw first, then doesn't really give a name.

Bost also doesn't give a name but criticizes the Obama administration for its handling of foreign policy.

Paula Bradshaw says Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate from 2012, then starts complaining about Ukraine.

Question for Bost, does he favor raising the minimum wage? He says he favors raising the number of jobs.

Bradshaw says the Green New Deal would raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour.

Enyert says raise it to $10.10 per hour because it has not kept pace with inflation.

Closing statements:

Bost said he worked hard as a state representative and that Enyert has not served them as well as Jerry Costello did.

Enyert touts all of the endorsements he has received from Illinois organizations.

Bradshaw calls her opponents "corporate politicians" and reasserts her call for a Green New Deal, saying we need a complete change, not just trading the Democrat for the Republican.

That wraps it up.

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