Monday, October 27, 2014


In yet another spate of pro-business activity, the Chamber of Commerce is asking the City Council to allow extensions of the time frame for hanging a banner during August and the holiday season:

We, the Government Affairs Committee and the Board of Directors of the Carbondale Chamber of
Commerce, representing more than 400 businesses and organizations in our community, urge the
Carbondale City Council to consider one or more revisions to the Carbondale revised city code which we
believe will increase the viability of the city’s business community.
Currently, business and organizations in the community are restricted in the usage and display of standalone
banners to 60 days per year with valid permit and adherence to other banner restrictions and
Given that there are two “seasons” of intensive retail sales in our community (the weeks leading up to the
start of Southern Illinois University semesters and the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we
would like to encourage the City of Carbondale to allow business more freedom in the use of temporary
signage and banners to promote their restaurants, stores and services.
As such, we are requesting that the Carbondale City Council amend Section of the Revised
City Code to allow businesses to display temporary signage or banners in the following periods of
time without permit and without counting toward the 60-day limit: November 20 through January
31 and the month of August, provided the signage or banners adhere to all other portions of the city
We believe this will allow our businesses to better present themselves to residents, visitors and new
students and increase revenue both for the businesses themselves and for the City of Carbondale.
Additionally, December and August are the two highest sales-tax-producing months for the City.
Allowing businesses to further advertise their businesses, products and services will aid in generating
more sales and ultimately more revenue for the City.
We appreciate your consideration of this request.

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