Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Unoffical Halloween Police Report

Here is the report from the C'dale Police on the  South Ash Street disturbances. Glad to hear no force used in disbursing the crowd. As far as anyone who complained about getting gassed or sprayed, get out of the area if you don't want to get sprayed. Once gas gets loose, it is pretty hard to control:

Updated Release 10-21-14: 
Following the removal of the vehicle, officers in standard police uniform attire worked together to disperse the crowd and no force was used to disperse the crowd, however there was one instance in which pepper spray was deployed in the direction of a group of approximately five individuals who failed to comply with verbal commands to disperse.  Weekend arrest totals have been revised to include one additional arrest for public possession of alcohol and one additional arrest for possession of cannabis.  One of the persons arrested was an SIU student and the other was not. 
Previous Release on 10-20-14: 
On 10-18-14 at about 11:14 p.m. an officer with the City of Carbondale Police Department observed a large group of people in the 400 block of South Ash Street.  The officer further observed the large group of people physically overturn a vehicle parked on the street, which caused extensive damage to the vehicle.  Officers with the City of Carbondale Police Department, and other police agencies who were in Carbondale at the time, responded to the incident to monitor a large crowd which had gathered after the vehicle had been overturned.  Officers estimated the size of the crowd to be around 200 people.  While officers were monitoring the large crowd, there were a few members of the crowd who began throwing rocks, bottles and full cans of beer in the direction of the officers.  One officer was struck by a bottle, but was not injured.  Some officers retrieved and wore protective helmets because of the objects being thrown from the crowd.  A vast majority of the crowd stood by peaceably and simply watched as the tow agency retrieved the overturned vehicle.  During the retrieval process, the vehicle inadvertently became disengaged from the tow truck cable and damaged a second, parked vehicle, which prolonged the removal process and extended the overall time this incident took to resolve.  Following the removal of the vehicle, officers in standard police uniform attire worked together to disperse the crowd and no force or pepper spray was used to disperse the crowd. 
The Carbondale Police Department arrested three individuals for separate offenses during this incident.  Gerald Welch, age 30 out of Chicago, Illinois, was arrested for Criminal Damage to State Supported Property and he was incarcerated at the Jackson County Jail.  Corey Albrecht, age 18,  was  arrested for underage possession/consumption of alcohol, aggravated assault, and reckless conduct and he was released after posting bond.  Zachary Justus, age 19, was arrested for disorderly conduct and was released.  Albrecht and Justus reported they are SIU students.  None of the individuals who overturned the vehicle have been identified at this time.   
The City of Carbondale Police Department was assisted by the Illinois State Police, SIU Department of Public Safety and the Jackson County Sherriff’s Office. 
Weekend preliminary arrest totals include 60 arrests and/or citations, most of which were alcohol related, as 39 citations were for public possession or underage possession of alcohol.  There were 7 arrests for Littering and 2 persons arrested for each of the following violations of Fighting, Obstructing a Peace Officer and Possession of Cannabis.  There was 1 person arrested for each of the following violations of Resisting Arrest, Responsibility of Persons in Control of Premise, Amplified Sound, Public Urination, Criminal Damage to Property, Disorderly Conduct, Aggravated Assault and Reckless Conduct.  Of the 60 arrests, 31 were SIU students and 29 were not.  Of those 29, one person arrested attends John A. Logan College, one attends Southeast Missouri State and another attends Rend Lake College.  The remaining 26 persons arrested did not divulge what school they are attending, if any.   

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