Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bryant vs. Kilquist

A day doesn't go by that I do not receive a postcard from the Democratic Part of Illinois bashing "insider politician" Terri Bryant for doing something or other. A friend has collected a stack of cards attacking her that tops two inches. The problem I have is that the mailings do not attack her on anything substantial, nor do the ones my neighbors have received attacking Bill Kilquist.

Looking at these, I have no idea where either candidate stands on school funding, the income tax extension, Tamms Correctional Facility, Illinois pensions or any other issue of import (I do know where they stand on these but it is not due to these mailings). However, I do know that each is a professional politician who took multiple pay raises and tax breaks while opposing policies that would benefit Illinois. At least that's what I know from reading their mailings.

Given the amount each side has spent on media, I think the post office and television stations will be sorry when the campaign ends. Me, I'll be quite happy with fewer items in the mailbox.

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