Monday, May 19, 2014

Halloween Vote

City council meets tomorrow night. Looks like the major things on the agenda are the swapping of properties in the 700 block of S. University between the city and the Carolyn F. Donow trust and the suspension of the ordinance closing bars along S. Illinois Avenue for Halloween this fall.

Here's hoping the council votes to suspend the ordinance and that they weather over the Halloween weekend is typical for fall.  The weather during the same period last year reached significantly lower temperatures than normal, keeping many people off South Illinois during Halloween.  More people attended house parties along S. University and in the Poplar Street area that did events on Illinois, or so it seemed. A second year, combined with good weather, will give the city a better idea of whether we could expect to see a recurrence of the vandalism of 20 years ago.

Update: after some discussion about the status of the Varsity Center for the Arts and its service of liquor during Halloween, council suspended the ordinance.

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