Thursday, May 8, 2014

DE Could Shutter

The board of Trustees tabled until next year a proposed student fee increase of $9 per student, designed to help cover deficits at the Daily Egyptian, which otherwise, according to its current editor  may have to shut down after this semester.

The increase in online media has hit the Daily Egyptian particularly hard.  Campus readership has dropped from 97-99% daily readership among faculty, students and staff in the 1990s to about 99% of students and 75% of faculty and staff reading the paper once per week.

An additional problem for the DE is the bars and liquor stores, major advertisers in the DE in past years, have almost no advertising in current issues. In the past, the DE has run stories on liquor license violations at various bars and, from what i understand, saw a drop off in adversing by said bars in response. The DE has not run any such stories in recent years but the b ar and liquor store advertising has not come back to the level that it reached in past years.

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