Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Carbondale Flats Project

The city announced that Tartan Realty has closed on the 710 Bookstore property. Construction of the 360 bed Carbondale Flats complex was scheduled to start yesterday and expected to finish in 14 months, roughly fall of 2015. 710 Bookstore, the last remaining business in the block, has moved about a block south to the vacant UniversiTees building, near Kaya and Harbaugh's Cafe.

One problem that may impede the development has been the refusal of the owners of the now vacant Attitude Designs building to sell in order to include the property in the development. Another difficulty, which I have not seen addressed yet, is the parking for the complex. 360 beds means 360 residents which means, unless college students change a lot in the next year, 360 additional cars needing parking in the downtown area, as close to the apartment as possible. I see no way to fit an additional 360 parking spaces adjacent to the Carbondale Flats development.

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