Wednesday, May 21, 2014

City Council

Light turnout for last night's city council meeting.  I had another meeting to attend so did not get there until a bit after 8.  By that time, besides council and staff, only two people remained in attendance.

I was told council did suspend the ordinance shutting down bars over the weekend prior to or after Halloween. Of course, over the years the area affected by the ordinance has shrunk so much than only 3 bars are affected:  Sidetracks, Gatsbys and Hangar 9. Given the stepped up police presence in downtown on the weekends, stopping students from "taking the Strip" and blocking off S. Illinois as was the wont on every weekend in years gone by, I doubt if we will see much in the way of illegal student activity on the Strip proper. Most of the action appears to have shifted to student housing in the area west of University Avenue.

Council dismissed at about 8:25, the earliest I every remember a council meeting closing.  Council would have closed earlier, save for council comments as a few council members wanted to push for more local bands to play at the upcoming Sunset Concerts.

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