Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter Weather

The city sent out this press release:

Reports from the National Weather Service have placed Carbondale on the fringe of bad winter weather, with the possibility of rain, freezing rain, ice and/or snow. Although the weather forecast remains uncertain, City staff will continue to monitor the temperatures and types of precipitation. Resources will be deployed as necessary based on roadway conditions, power outages, downed power lines or tree limbs, etcetera. The City's trucks have had been fitted with snow plows and are prepared to be loaded with road salt and cinders if necessary. Other equipment such as generators, chain saws and backhoes are also ready to handle other weather emergencies as needed.
The City has been in touch with the utility service providers and will monitor any outtages or emergencies in cooperation with the local managers.
Motorists are asked to use caution when driving, especially on side streets and over bridges. Those persons that do not need to travel are asked to remain at home until the streets are cleared.
The City appreciates your understanding.

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