Thursday, February 3, 2011

LAB Meeting

Caught most of the Liquor Advisory Board meeting tonight. The vote was pretty perfunctory on granting the Fair Days request for Carbondale Main Street's Wine and Art Fair, with only one question from a board member regarding whether the designation had been granted in the past Maybe it is just me being old and crotchety but the gentleman representing CMS left his baseball cap on while he made the request to the board. I figure, if you are making a request from a city organization, common courtesy would have you remove the cap during the proceedings.

Things got a little more interesting during the quarterly reports from the fire and police departments. Seems the fire department has made a dozen checks of the Cali/Copper Dragon/Pinch Penny area during the past quarter, much higher than other bars in the city. Additionally, Chief O'Guinn reported that Pinch Penny has had 84 alcohol related arrests during the past half year, four times more than any other bar in the city and well on their way to passing the 119 arrests there during the previous year.

This struck the LAB as so significant they they will send a letter requesting the owners of Pinch Penny to appear before the Board to explain the high numbers of arrests and their plans for reducing the nunber of infractions.

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