Monday, February 14, 2011

Blockbuster Closing

You may have seen the huge banner advertising the Carbondale Blockbuster's closing in the near future. From what I have heard, no deep discounts on anything until the last few days before the closure. From what I hear, this closure is only incidentally tied to the 900+ closings nationally announced by the company. The landlord reportedly increased the rent significantly for the location and the company decided revenues did not justify the additional cost.

Yep, that whole strategy of increasing rent to cause a video store to close down to re-rent the location for more worked so for Hollywood Video on C'dales West side

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  1. Increasing the rent beyond reasonable levels is S.O.P. all over town. Southern Imports moved because of it, Alongi's left the mall because of it, countless fast food franchises have left for it. It seems that Carbondale's land owners really do want to see the town collapse. In the case of Blockbuster however this was a given before too long. In many places such as the NW Chicago suburbs blockbuster left a long time ago. Their business model simply doesn't make them competitive against companies like Netflix and Redbox.