Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Brent Ritzel Questionnaire

Finally got around to looking at Brent Ritzel's responses to the Shawnee Green Party's questionnaire. Ritzel goes in to much detail in his responses, discussing at length what he sees as the three most pressing issues facing the city: quality of life, economic development and a sustainable community, and increasing the economic well being for all residents. However, there's scant detail on how he would achieve these.

In response to how to solve Carbondale's revenue shortfalls, he proposes placing a tax on plastic and paper shopping bags and utilizing the Comprehensive Plan to increase efficiencies and reduce wast in city operations. His other responses alll relect those in the first question as he desires increasing the quality of life for residents as well as making the community more sustainable. His plan for accomplishing this derived extensively from further implementation of the Carbondale Comprehensive Plan.

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