Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Steven Haynes Interview

WSIU interviewed mayoral candidate Steven Haynes Monday morning. You can listen to the interview here. Some notiable points from the interview:

46+ year resident of Carbondale, attended SIUC for a couple of years before leaving the university and going to work for Kroger, where he's a assistant store manager.

Brings 8 years of council experience, managerial experience and ability to listen to the position.

Questioned about downtown, says Carbondale needs an overall focus rather than a focus on the mall, the east side, or downtown.

The city will probably not going to see a manufactuing plant in Carbondale but wants to get people in the non-existant plant to live and shop in Carbondale(?)

SIUC and Carbondale must survive together. People living outside Carbondale come to town daily to work at the university.

Questioned about comprehensive plan and property tax, says he's been a longtime opponent of raising the property tax. However, admits there is a perception that Carbondale has high property taxes, due to other taxing entities. Says he will keep an open mind on property taxes and sales taxes increases.

One thing he would bring back if elected is the affirmative action officer's position eliminated earlier this year.

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