Saturday, December 25, 2010

McAndrew Stadium Usage

Happened to scan the Carbondale Times this week (available at finer newsracks throughout the area) and spotted an article about the demolition of McAndrew Stadium (page 7 if you want to read it). Noted a couple of interesting figures. The University opened McAndrew back in 1938, October 1 if you want precision. Since then, the Salukis played 328 games there. By my calculations, that works out to just under 5 games a year. Granted, the football team used the stadium regularly for practice but, unlike the Arena, which could house other evens besides sporting ones, McAndrew (and the new stadium) is very purpose specific, only offering events for the entire SIUC and Carbondale community to attend an average of five times a year.

Given the current economy and the difficulties SIUC is having securing funding to keep faculty and staff employed, was the new stadium the best use of the limited funds available?

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