Saturday, December 4, 2010

Notes from Pickle's Alley

Local craft shop Dayshift will soon close its doors as the owner is moving out of state.

New tentative opening date for Hanger night is Dec. 10. Non Stop Reggae has supposedly been booked to play.

Doctor Donuts opened on the west side of town. A dozne doughnuts $7.80. A dozen healthy doughnuts, $9.00.

Gold's Gym has completed their move to the old west side Kroger location.


  1. Thanks for the head's up. They're open 6 am to 6 pm. I just tried their ordinary donuts (they have both "healthy" and not "healthy"), that were 65¢ apiece. Not bad, but more on the cakey side than fried. I believe this is because they're baked, so even the less healthy ones may be better than ordinary fried donuts.

  2. Oh, and they've got a lot of other non donut stuff.