Friday, December 10, 2010

George Maroney

Just saw the first election yard sign of the season for George Maroney. Mild coincidence since I just listened to his interview on WSIU today. Some high points:

He brings leadership and business experience to the position. Government should be run like a business and anyone who says otherwise (mild dig at another unnamed candidate) is wrong.

Mayor Cole has done a good job running the city. Anyone elected is not stepping into a disaster. It's a matter now of responding to issues coming down the road.

Too early to talk about tax increases. One of the first things he would do is have a study of the Marion tourism project. If the Marion project is successful, Carbondale's sales taxes are decimated and Carbondale currently lives and dies on its sales taxes.

Carbondale has three industries: medical, retail and SIUC. The first two appear in fine shape but SIUC is in horrible shape. SIUC needs to get back on track and recruit several thousand students. That will help the community.

To help accomplish this, Carbondale needs to be an attractive community and a safe community. WE have lots of police but need to use them more effectively.

We have a sleeping giant at the airport that needs to awaken economically speaking.

Everybody wants to revitalize downtown but it should develop into a very nice student district, instead of making it into something it's not. For the east and west side, the city should get out of business' way, citing restrictions on sale of beer and wine as a prime example.

The city can do much to draw in students, aside from making the community safe. He feels the city has a fine police department but there are some problems right now.

Mayor Cole is a prime example of getting involved at the state level and Maroney would continue that.

The comprehensive plan is very "huggy feely", doesn't say very much to him and needs business people involved in it.

Wants people to remember as they head to the ballot box that he brings leadership and strong experience to the position.

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