Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Island Parking

Things will get somewhat difficult for the businesses located in the Island building complex at 715 S. University in about 2 weeks. They have already lost most of their convenient downtown parking to the Carbondale Flats/Evolve project and have made due with the 6 or so metered spaces on the west side of the building and the remaining metered spaces in the lot across the street by the Campus Shopping Center. Employees who work in one of the Island businesses and drive have tended to drop half a dozen quarters into the Campus Shopping Center meters and left the spaces next to their building open for customers. Customers have also used the Campus Shopping Center spaces as well but that will end in about 2 weeks.

In order to make sure there is space available for customers of B&A Travel and the businesses in the Campus Shopping Center, the meters there will get removed later this summer and a more aggressive towing policy implemented in order to make certain no one parks in the space for hours on end, essentially reserving the parking for customers of the businesses surrounding it. The parking space there is private property and has been for years. The owners years ago arranged with the city to install meters in order to generate funds for maintenance of the lot. However with the sharp reduction of available parking, the owners felt it necessary to make sure enough parking remained available for B&A and Campus Shopping Center customers.

The city has expanded parking behind the businesses on the east side of S. Illinois so I hope customers of the Island and other businesses in downtown will take advantage of it.

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