Thursday, June 11, 2015


In case you missed it in this week's Carbondale Times or today's Southern, Curbside had its liquor license suspended for 2 weeks, starting June 17, and ordered to pay over $1000 in fines for several liquor license violations including not having a state liquor license last year and having a felon as manager. Given the number of violations of city liquor regulations, a two week suspension and fine seems pretty lenient but the holder of the liquor license apparently didn't think so:

Martha Ikner, the license holder for Curbside, said the fine and suspension will be taxing for a business trying to succeed in Carbondale, but the establishment has identified the problems and is working to rectify them.

There's a really easy way to avoid getting your license suspended and not paying fines:  follow the city regulations regarding your license. The council did vote to renew Curbside's liquor license for another year, though.

Curbside had said the restaurant/bar planned to renew regular lunch hours after Mother's Day but, from what I have seen, they still maintain only an evening schedule and are only open when they host events at that.

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